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Gap Year Summer / Spring Break Experiences

Don’t just travel during your gap year. Do real travel that matters to you. We believe that life is short so making the most of our time on this planet is important. If you want a rewarding, meaningful travel experience with a difference, whilst touching lives and exploring new cultures along the way, our gap year volunteering will change the way think, change the way you view the world, and provide you with new skills for life.

Designed to broaden horizons, deepen connections and give you invaluable hands-on experience in various vocations and fields, our unique gap year programs will help you grow in more ways than one. On a basic level, you will gain interpersonal skills and other transferable skillsets to enhance your employability whilst on a deeper level, you will gain new insights into the world and develop compassion and understanding.

Most of our gap year programs are a minimum of two weeks and you can combine travel and volunteering in countries like India, Nepal,or Sri Lanka that are only a very short flight from each other!

With emphasis on community living and cultural immersion, our programs allow full integration and include project travel, plus volunteers will have the opportunity to take part in local activities and cultural classes to enhance their travel experience.

We currently offer gap year volunteering programs in IndiaNepal, and Sri Lanka, and each program offers flexible start dates to fit in with your gap year travel plans. Teach English abroad to work with children, get medical work experience by working in disabled care, or assist in our women’s empowerment programs, or work with rangers for wildlife conservation, do sports coaching and more.

All our Gap year programs are available for students in Spring, Summer and Winter Break. You can choose the set 2-4 week options or come for longer durations or even mix programs and locations.

Why Volunteer on your Gap Year?


Beautiful Destinations

Live on the beach for turtle conservation, experience multicultural life in an Indo Tibetan community in North India, or walk the path of lions and leopards in the Eastern Cape of South Africa.


Enhance Your Skills

Whether you choose a career program or you volunteer for personal growth, our projects can help you develop new skills whilst honing existing ones.  


Cultural Immersion

Live, eat, sleep like a local and get fully integrated into the local community. Our passion for community living and socialising will help you expand your mind and knowledge in so many ways.  


Free Weekends

Spend your evenings and weekends travelling, exploring, and soaking up the unbelievable views whilst helping communities along the way. This is gap year travel with a difference.



If you’re tired of the academic grind, not sure why you’re going to college or what you’ll do when you get there, if you yearn to explore far-away places or a dig deeper into a career that interests you- then perhaps this is the time to consider taking a gap year between high school and college. Taking time off before college gives you the gift of time to learn about two essential things: yourself and the world around you.

Gap Year Volunteer Programs

Teaching Children on your gap year
Volunteer as an assistant teacher in local schools or community centres helping with providing quality education to children between 6 to 16 years. An extremely rewarding and enjoyable program and hugely popular with students!

Get a Medical and Health care Volunteer Experience
Experience life as a medic by this amazing placement in local hospitals and healthcare projects across Asia. You will get hands experience and learn from professionals in field. Ideal for students wanting a future in medical or healthcare fields.

Gap Year in India
Take a year out to explore one of the most incredible countries in the world and do your bit to give back to communities as you travel. This 28 day program gives you a chance to see the Taj Mahal, Jaipur, and Delhi and Volunteer in either Kerala or Kolkata with children.

Gap Year in Nepal
This is a super cool program where you can travel in the beautiful country of Nepal. Our Nepal gap year program is a 28 day program where you can ride elephants in Chitwan Jungles, do trekking to see the Himalayas and get learn about traditions and culture of the amazing Nepali people. Besides this you also get involved in a building or a teaching program. This is great for adventure and nature lovers.

Medical Gap Program in India
For Medical students this is a great way of travelling and learning. Spend 4 weeks in travelling and working in North and South India

Sea Turtle Program in Sri Lanka
Work in Sri Lanka with sea turtle and live right on the beach! This program is great for volunteers who love animals and want to get experience living in the exotic island of Sri Lanka.

If you want to travel and volunteer IN MULTIPLE COUNTRIES check these options out!

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