Building Projects Abroad

 Renovation & Building Projects Abroad

Our construction volunteering programs take place in India and Cambodia; three beautiful parts of the world with run down areas that need our help in rebuilding homes, schools, creches, community centres, toilets, and other important structures vital to a healthy, happy community. The purpose of our construction programs is that it can really help to improve the quality of life for the community. Our structural redesign program in Nepal is ideal for engineering students to assist local teams of engineers to deploy environmentally friendly solutions using limited resources to improve building structures and educating locals to improve sanitation, waste disposal and eco friendly ways of living. The achievements our volunteers accomplish through building / construction volunteering have a direct positive impact on local communities in our chosen destinations

Combined with the excitement of travelling in a new place and community living, our program will guarantee the most culturally and spiritually immersive travel experience and you’ll meet plenty of likeminded people, who are just like you, along the way too. Our building programs in India and Cambodia are ideal for a group volunteering project, which brings fun, friendly and compassionate people together; if you’re looking to make friends for life, we really can’t wait to have you. No previous experience is required.

Our engineering placements Nepal are suitable for students and does not require any previous experience so as long as you have a willingness to learn from your local engineer who will act as your mentor.

Our program is ideal for school groups, volunteer groups, engineering students, families or individuals who want to give back in a big way and learn. Get in touch with us as each program is tailored depending on group size and interests.

Why do construction volunteering?


Build Homes

Rebuild communities by building homes, schools and community centres to help improve the lives of others.


Team Work

Get your hands dirty, muck in and improve your team work skills with a friendly bunch of people who are just like you!.

Construction Volunteering


Find a deeper meaning in life and do something altruistic for the poor, run down communities who really need us.


Group Travel

Construction volunteering is a project designed for groups so bring your friends or meet amazing people along the way.



Building Homes, Building lives

“Our Building programs are high impact projects that are key to the development of disadvantaged communities. All we need is a volunteer who doesn’t mind getting their hands dirty and who really wants to get out there to significantly improve the quality of life of a community in need.”

-Ridhi Patel, Volunteering Journeys Founder

Building Projects Abroad

Under 18s School Groups or Families
Volunteer with your school or with your family and make a huge impact in a short time. Volunteer in Nepal,India or Cambodia. This is a great group program with a minimum commitment of 1 week only!

Building Program in Cambodia
Cambodia has a lot of run down schools and community centres. Help with basic reconstruction work and renovation work. Suitable for groups of all age groups!

Engineering Internships in Nepal
Nepal has a great need for reconstruction and volunteers will help to redesign homes and schools. Ideal for engineering students who want experience in structural redesign work.

Building Program in India
Give back to the community in a big way through our construction programs in India where you help reconstruct local schools and homes. This is ideal for individuals, families and groups who want to make an impact in a short time. Volunteer from 1 to 3 weeks!

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