Career Breaks

Career Breaks for Professionals 

Here at Volunteering Journeys, we believe that it’s never too late to travel and to take a year out. It’s not just gap year students or graduates who can benefit from volunteering abroad; working professionals can too. Taking a break from your job can be a fantastic move for career. A career break can help you develop both personally and professionally, and if you choose to come and volunteer with us, you will get the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to give back, travel to exotic destinations, and be a part of the local communities we partner with.

Our volunteering projects span several locations across the globe, including India, Nepal, Cambodia,Sri Lanka, and Peru. Our aim is to work closely with local grassroots organisations to make a positive change in poor, disadvantaged communities. We quite often work with schools, families and local groups – so people are at the heart of everything we do. The lives we touch mean a lot to us, and we believe that these deep connections can give our own lives meaning. Not only do our career break programs allow you to add a whole new set of skills to your repertoire, but volunteering abroad can be a life changing experience, one that will enrich your existence with learning and unforgettable memories.

The places and the programs we have created for our volunteering career breakers are designed to bring you closer to local communities and to give back in a positive way. There are a number of different projects suitable for career breaker volunteers, ranging from teaching abroad, women’s empowerment, and healthcare volunteering to marine and animal conservation. So there’s something for every interest, passion or career path. Whilst some of these programs are suited for specific vocational backgrounds, we have many that are suitable for everyone.

One of the best things about travelling with Volunteering Journeys is our flexibility and our ability to fit in with your travel plans. Our goal is to provide the most amazing, exciting and culturally immersive experience for professionals looking to take a break from work. So career break volunteering with us can last anywhere from as little as 1 week to 12 weeks. We know that getting time away from a high-flying job isn’t always easy. So even if you only have a short amount of time to spare, you can still apply with us for an uplifting volunteering experience abroad. However long you plan to spend with us and whatever volunteering venture you embark upon with our team, we can guarantee that you’ll be surrounded by great people. Because people are at the heart of our organisation, and we hope you’ll join us soon in making friends for life.

Why Volunteer during your Career Break?


New Life Experiences

Find true meaning in life with our amazing volunteering experiences for career breakers. Our programs are designed to uplift you through cultural learning and connections with others


Travel the World

It’s never too late to take time out and see the world. If you didn’t enjoy a gap year during your studies, a career break can be the perfect way to expand your horizons.


Develop New Skills

People are often unaware that their employers advocate sabbatical travel, but many do. There are benefits not only to you personally, but to your professional career too and companies recognise this.


Help Those in Need

If you’re a successful professional and want to give back to the world, our volunteer programs will help you get hands on in a number of ways. Join us and help others by donating your time…


Change your life goals

“To know where we are going, we must know where we come from. Our career break programs are designed to encourage you to contribute to the world in a meaningful way without monetary benefits and to experience living a simple life. We hope that through our program this you get inspired, rejuvenated and get a much needed break from life – that is different from the ordinary”

Ridhi Patel, Founder and Director, Volunteering Journeys

Volunteer Projects for Career Breakers

Yoga and Volunteering in India
This wellness combo is a huge hit with career breakers from any background. Ideal for those who want to learn yoga or take yoga holiday but with some community element. You would support a local school helping with English classes for primary school children. No previous yoga or teaching background is required.

Women’s Education in Exotic India
Get involved with education and income generation projects helping women’s groups in India. A truly amazing project where you work with adults.

Elephant Conservation in Sri Lanka
If you love the wild and want to get involved with REAL conservation work then look no further! Work with expert conservationists outisde the Wasmagamuwa National Park. This program also involves human-elephant conflict resolution which is very interesting to be a part of!

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