Volunteer with Animals

Animal Conservation Volunteering

Our Animal conservation programs are designed for anyone who has a love and a curiosity for animals. No previous experience is necessary, so it’s a great way to boost your CV, learn something new and develop new travel experiences. While working with industry experts, you’ll have the opportunity to work with scientists and animal lovers, make new friends and really give back to animals by caring for them and assisting with critical conservation efforts.

Across the planet, animals are feeling the impact of global warming, pollution and illegal poaching. These have led to devastating population declines of leopards, lions, cheetahs, sea turtles and elephants. Our conservation programs involve working with with animal experts to make a real impact in learning about issues and assisting with efforts that can help save our planets animals from extinction. Our animal programs with dogs will help in assisting disabled and abused dogs in shelters who need love and care. All our animal projects are extremely gratifying and rewarding experiences.

Elephant Conservation in Sri Lanka: If you love elephants, then this is the ideal program for you. Based in the Wasgamuwa National Park of Sri Lanka, you’ll make a real impact in wildlife conservation that will benefit the animals for years to come. This program also focuses on human – elephant conflict resolution.

Elephant Care in ThailandBased outside Chiang Mai this program bring you closer to elephants where you will be caring for elephants, talking them for walks and feeding them at an Elephant Shelter for elephants that have been rehabilitated. A truly rewarding program if you love elephants.

Dog Care in Sri Lanka  and Peru:  This is a fantastic opportunity to learn about and take care of dogs at a shelter home in the Galle region of Sri Lanka or in Cusco, Peru. A truly life changing experience, you’ll be contribute to a very noble cause of caring for dogs with experienced local experts. You’ll also get to spend as much time as you would like with these beautiful animals during this program- a truly amazing experience for dog lovers!

Why Wildlife Conservation?

Climate Change

Global Issue

Conservation of animals and marine life will help you to contribute to an important global crisis facing our planet.


On all our programs you will get full training and guidance on how to help out and make a real difference.

Teaching in school

Community Projects

During your time on the program, you will also get to assist in local community projects; a great way of getting to know the local people.


Fun Activities

There are so many exciting things to do on the side including fishing, field camping, hiking, safari drives and more.  


Getting involved with a noble cause

“There are an estimated 40 million stray dogs, who
suffer from hunger and untreated diesese. Only too often they are shot, beaten to death or gassed. Many people who own dogs are poor and can not
afford vets’ fees, so the major share of our treatments are done free of charge.Most dogs live on the streets, most every day we have to find dogs in an appalling state.”

Bettina, Manager of Dog Clinic, Sri Lanka

 Animal Programs

Elephant Care in Thailand
This rewarding and fun program involves working in an elephant shelter where you will be taking care of Elephants- bathing them, feeding them and walking with them. This is a fantastic program for young travellers who want to explore Thailand and assist a great animal care project.

Elephant Conservation in Sri Lanka
Working with Asian Elephants- this amazing program involves working in a national reserve assisting conservationists with data collection.Human Elephant crisis management is also part of this program. You have to be 18 or over to apply

Volunteer with Dogs in Sri Lanka
For any dog lover this is THE PROGRAM! Help out at a dog clinic and shelter and assist the local team in taking care of 100’s of dogs. This is truly a unique and top notch project to be a part of.

Volunteer with Dogs in Peru
Join us in Cusco, Peru where you can assist at a dog shelter assisting with caring for stray dogs. This is a truly gratifying and rewarding experience and also focuses on educating people about health and sterilization. You will help to organize campaigns and try to inform the local community about how to take care of their dogs.

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